Ultra-fast servers

Our service level runs at 99.992% in Mexico and North America

Less than 7 seconds of downtime per day and our average response time per transactions is bellow 150 milliseconds which is far better than other best performing e-commerce platforms.


E-Scale vs. Magento and VTEX Comparison Guide

Platform Customization


  • 100%


  • 80%


  • 60%

Fast and Nimble Implementations

E-Scale ( 2 to 3 months )

  • Fast

Magento ( 3 to 6 months or more )

  • Mid

VTEX ( 3 to 6 months or more )

  • Mid

Unlike Magento Open Source, VTEX or Shopify Plus

E-Scale is robust and adaptable to different organizational sizes with capability to scale resources horizontally based on demand; specifically designed for retailers and consumer goods companies' medium to long-term ecommerce strategies with the best price-value relation among IT solutions.

API-based Platform

Seamless integration with ERPs, CRMs and any IT platform

Reporting and Business Intelligence

With our modularity by design, we can integrate into any ERP and automate multi-channel data collection (retail and online) providing you with KPI reports and dashboards to better monitor and analyze commerce and customer behavior.

Built-in Functionality

Increasing efficiency through the use of technology in commercial processes can yield not only improved profitability but also enhance the competitive position of an organization in terms of speed to market and customer service, among other benefits.

One size does not fit all. That is why E-Scale's approach to serving companies operating in retail (B2C) and consumer goods sectors (B2B) is based on frontend and backend workflow customization as well as adapting each of our modules to fit your organization's needs: customer management, inventory and warehouse management, order management and logistics management (fulfillment), post sales follow-up with a proprietary promotions and rewards program for the CPG industry, membership functionality, product information management, and key account management.


Undecided which commerce platform
is right for your organization?

  • Each ecommerce platform has advantages and disadvantages depending on the sector that you operate, the size of your organization and the current stage implementing digital commerce initiatives
  • This is not restrictive to platforms for large firms considering solutions such as Oracle Commerce, SAP Hybris Commerce or IBM Watson Commerce, but also applies to mid-sized companies considering Magento, BigCommerce, VTEX or even solutions such as Shopify that started for very small businesses
  • Evaluating among the best e-commerce platforms could be an overwhelming task for leaders responsible for digital commerce platform selection and also for those that will be responsible for delivering results (e.g.: sales and marketing) given the similarities promoted by software vendor providers
  • We recommend three main areas of focus when comparing ecommerce solutions:

E-Scale is specialized in retail and consumer goods sectors, we are dedicated to continuously improving software functionality based on consumer trends and purchasing behavior. Request a demo via e-mail